Basic information

Association for Urbanism and Urban Plannig was founded at The Organisation of Slovak Architects.

The Association:
- unites specialists from different branches, which have the interest to meet and discuss about the problems in the field of urbanism, landscape planning and urban planning.
- organizes seminairs
-helps to solve problems and cooperates in preparing the legal acts.

Spolok architektov Slovenska - Združenie pre urbanizmus a územné plánovanie
Panská 15
Bratislava, Slovakia

Spolok architektov slovenska - Organisation of Slovak Architetcts
Slovenská technická univerzita v Bratislave - Slovak University of Technology
Slovenská komora architektov - Slovak Chamber of Architetcts
URBION - URBION - Institute for urbanism and urban planning
AUUP - Asociace pro urbanismus a územní plánování Czech Association for urbanism and urban planning